How do you manage your assets?

Each infrastructure dollar you spend is critical. SAM IS® asset management software tracks and manages your assets, helping you choose the smartest path forward and stretch each dollar for the most benefit.


The Smart Asset Management and Inventory System by VHB.


What is asset management?

Asset management is:

  • a business model
  • a decision support system
  • a management approach that can be used across an agency

More simply, asset management helps you proactively prepare for the future. SAM IS® supports smart decision-making by monitoring infrastructure assets, such as pavement, signage, bridges, culverts, water and sewer pipes, valves, hydrants, streetlights, and sidewalks. Assets are inventoried, assigned a condition, and analyzed to help manage priorities and funding. SAM IS™ allows your organization to plan and program proactively, rather than reacting to existing conditions.

SAM IS®s: Powerful and simple to use.

Data layers in the cloud icon
Data Integration

Tie your data to existing systems in your business process without altering the how you do business. Use SAM IS® to comprehensively plan all your asset management decisions.

Graphic depicting logging in from multiple devices
Cross-Device Support

Log in to the secure web-based portal from any computer or tablet. Take SAM IS® in the field to collect data, perform inspections/surveys, and monitor workplan progress.

SAM IS®: Available when you need it, from anywhere.

SAM IS® a configurable solution built by VHB leveraging Esri’s ArcGIS Online platform and your agency's existing GIS data. SAM IS® a cloud-hosted and cost effective SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that helps you inventory, inspect, maintain, and manage your physical assets. SAM IS® a modular-based program so you are only buying what you need, when you need it.

VHB is an Esri business partner and an Esri ArcGIS Online Specialty Partner

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What is SAM IS®?

If you don’t already have a comprehensive inventory of your assets, we can do that for you and bundle that service with your module subscription for a cost-effective complete solution.
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